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The Carlyle House condominium is an 11-story luxury high-rise community located in the southeast corner of Arlington County, Virginia, . . . less than three miles from the Potomac River, which divides The Commonwealth of Virginia from the nation's capital.

Minutes from national landmarks such as The Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, The Carlyle House borders two other prosperous capital-area counties (Alexandria and Fairfax), providing unparalleled access to shopping, exceptional cuisine, schools, places of worship, local and federal government services, universities and a wide array of career opportunities, not to mention the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the nation's capital.

Completed in 1975, the condominium has been self-managed since 1995 and is governed by a board of directors made up of five resident-owners.

Well inside the capital beltway, this moderately-sized multifamily community of 136 condominiums is easily accessible to the nation's capital via automobile, or by bus to two local subway stations (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's Pentagon and Ballston stations).

All of the condominium's 136 condominiums (see floor plans) are unique to this area in their size, ample closet space, floor-to-ceiling windows and continuous end-to-end balconies. The condominium is mostly made up of two-bedroom condominiums of approximately 1,400-square-feet. There are also four one-bedroom condominiums on each floor, and a total of 20 two-level (3-bedroom) condominiums at the east and west ends of the building.

And finally, a four-level indoor garage with 201 spaces provides for at least one space per unit (included in sale-price of unit). Some condominiums include two or more parking spaces. Additional parking spaces are available for sale or rent from the condominium's owners association. There are also 50 outdoor parking spaces for visitors and residents.

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